First, allow us do something we don’t do often enough -- and that’s thank you, our readers and stakeholders, for joining with Greentech Media over the last nine years. 

The renewable energy and grid edge sectors now count on GTM as their leading information source. And just like the markets we cover, our analysis/news/events company has grown in size, reach and credibility.

These are interesting times. Solar, intelligent grids and energy storage are leading a profound transformation in the energy sector -- and energy companies are keen for insight into these new, high-growth markets.

With that, we’re proud to tell you that Verisk Analytics announced today its intent to acquire Greentech Media, Inc. Upon closing of the agreement, which is expected to happen in the third quarter of 2016, GTM will become part of Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk business that provides data, analysis and market intelligence across the energy value chain.

We’ve worked hard to become the leading information provider in the world of solar, storage and grid modernization. As part of Wood Mackenzie, we’ll have access to global markets and the ability to draw on a whole new set of resources. We’re glad you’re with us for our next growth phase.

How will this affect our news coverage or the GTM experience? Well, in the short term, there may be some small branding changes, but everything else is full speed ahead. We’ll continue to bring you thoughtful and critical news, analysis and events on solar power, grid technology and clean energy -- the crucial issues of our time.

As we integrate further with Wood Mackenzie, the core mission of GTM -- being the leading information source in the renewable energy and grid edge revolution -- remains the same.


Eric Wesoff, Editor-in-Chief
Stephen Lacey, Managing Editor
The GTM editorial staff: Jeff St. John, Katie Tweed, Julia Pyper, Julian Spector and Michelle Vessel