Greentech Media published approximately 1,500 news articles in 2012. Here are fifteen of our favorites:

GTM Research's Shyam Mehta deconstructed solar industry myths, while Carolyn Campbell delved into "Life After the Solar ITC" (parts one, two and three). Our team of smart grid analysts provided the world with a list of the networked grid's movers and shakers.

Herman Trabish has been covering the wind and solar markets, and he shined in pieces covering AMSC and a China-U.S. IP battle and SolarCity putting teachers in the classroom. Here's a quote from his article on Clean Power Finance: “What you see in the last six months is literally billions of dollars getting committed for residential solar.”

Wesoff wrote of his high-speed test drive in the new Tesla Sedan and an eyewitness account of a Fisker Fire. He took a balanced look at fracking, fracking technology and the natural gas shale gale.

One of our notable guest posts included Recurrent Energy's Sheldon Kimber on "Why Solar and Natural Gas Will Be Central to U.S. Energy Policy." Jigar Shah called out electrical utilities in his piece "Let's Make a Solar Net Metering Deal."

Jeff St. John took a long, careful look at the travails of a green building startup in "Serious Energy in Serious Trouble." The green drywall and windows company spent the past few years pushing into building energy-efficiency software and financing, and then abandoned those lines of business to refocus on its building materials core. It was a stunning reversal for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based startup with $140 million in VC cash. 

And Katie Tweed ably covered how the smart grid can limit outages during events like Hurricane Sandy; she also took a look at how "Microgrids Can Help Get Electricity to One Billion People" and "How Benchmarking Can Drive 7 Percent Cuts in Building Energy."

Thanks for reading Greentech Media in 2012.