KTVU: Customers Complain of Dangerous Problems From BP Solar Panels

Frustrated customers who bought BP's solar system claim that the corporation has left them on the hook for dangerous, defective panels and with a warranty that's no good.

Politico: Kochs Target Republicans on Tax Breaks

Powerful conservative groups, including those backed by the Koch brothers, are pushing Republicans to take a hard line on a raft of expired tax breaks, an effort that could jeopardize party leaders’ hopes for a low-drama Congress.

Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action for America and other groups want Republicans to capitalize on their election victory by killing some of the tax “extenders” they’ve long hated, such as one subsidizing the wind energy industry.

Charleston Gazette: Massey Energy CEO Indicted for 2010 Coal Mine Disaster

Don Blankenship, the longtime chief executive officer of Massey Energy, was indicted Thursday on charges that he orchestrated the routine violation of key federal mine safety rules at the company’s Upper Big Branch Mine prior to an April 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners.

Utility Dive: Solar Policy, Attack Ads and a Firebombing in Louisiana Commission Runoff

Election day may have come and gone, but the heated fight for a seat on Louisiana's Public Service Commission (PSC) is still going strong. What was a three-way race is now headed for a December runoff between PSC chairman Eric Skrmetta and alternative energy advocate Forest Bradley-Wright.

Washington Post: House, Senate to Vote on Keystone XL Pipeline

For the first time in the six-year fight over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, both houses of Congress will hold a vote on the proposed project, giving each side in a Louisiana Senate election a chance to boost its candidate.

The two lawmakers locked in the runoff contest, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R), seized control of the congressional agenda Wednesday, extracting assurances from House and Senate leaders that votes will be held to bypass President Obama’s authority and authorize construction of the pipeline.

Business Insider: Apple Should Buy Tesla

Why would Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk want to sell his company to Apple? For one, I am assuming Apple offers a nice price for Tesla. After all, Apple has ~$155 billion in cash and access to the debt markets if it wants to raise more cash. Tesla's market cap is ~$30 billion, so even at twice the price, Apple could easily afford it.