Bloomberg: California Power Grid Seen Able to Handle 100% Renewables

California’s power grid could handle taking 100 percent of its supply from renewables such as wind and solar, and meeting the goal for half that amount will be no problem, the state’s chief energy regulator said.

Governor Jerry Brown in January set one of the world’s most ambitious targets for cleaning up power generation, saying 50 percent of supply should come from renewables by 2030, a dramatic increase from the current goal of 33 percent by 2020. He didn’t make clear how the goal could be achieved.

Charlotte Business Journal: N.C. Legislation to Challenge Utility Monopolies May Be Getting Traction

A bill to let solar power producers sell electricity directly to customers appears to have broadening support, even as various groups raise issues about the impact on utilities and their customers.

The Energy Freedom Act filed four weeks ago by Rep. John Szoka (R-Cumberland) and three colleagues now has 26 more co-sponsors. Industry champions and consumer organizations -- from the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association to N.C. WARN -- have lined up in support of the proposal.

Business Green: Tory Manifesto Vows to 'Halt the Spread of Onshore Wind Farms'

The Conservative Party has today vowed to retain the U.K.'s Climate Change Act and continue to cut greenhouse gas emissions "as cost-effectively as possible," but has angered green groups and renewable energy firms by confirming it would largely halt the development of onshore wind farms if elected.

Launching the manifesto at an event in Swindon, Prime Minister David Cameron underlined the Conservative Party's commitment to national and economic security, but made no mention of climate security or energy and environment issues.

Inside Climate News: What's Behind ALEC's Denial That It Denies Climate Change?

With more and more companies abandoning the American Legislative Exchange Council over its refusal to act on climate change, the prominent conservative organization finds itself in a bind: eager to stanch the exodus of high-profile members, yet at risk of alienating the powerful fossil fuel interests that make up its core membership.

National Journal: Senate Democrats Say McConnell ‘Staying Behind’ on Climate Rules

Senate Democrats are fighting back against Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's ploy to get governors to opt out of the EPA's climate rules for power plants, by telling them how his home state of Kentucky is acting to address climate change.

In a letter to all 50 governors, the Democrats -- including Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren -- say that states should not listen to the Kentucky Republican, who has called on states to wait for legal challenges to play out before submitting plans to comply with the emissions reduction rules.