Solar power may be all the rage these days, but who ever thought it would leave the rooftop and end up in your underwear?

One lingerie company, Triumph International Japan, has taken the clean-energy craze all the way to the boudoir by creating a "Solar Power Bra." The garment – it’s green-colored, of course – features an attached solar panel, worn around the stomach, that generates enough energy to charge a cell phone or an iPod.

And the bra has plastic pouches that can be filled with water so that a wearer can stay hydrated without having to purchase -- and then recycle -- plastic beverage bottles. (And yes, the pouches are located in the breast area, according to photos.)

Take that, Victoria’s Secret!

The solar-powered bra, however, will not be sold in stores anytime soon, because the company is ironing out a few kinks -- namely, how to get the bra to work when covered up by clothing.

"People cannot usually go outside without wearing clothes over it," admitted Triumph spokesperson Yoshiko Masuda in an interview with Reuters. The solar panel attached to the bra also can be damaged by rain.

Such deterrents haven't stopped Triumph from creating other unusual undergarments, such as a brassiere that can double as a reusable shopping bag, as well as a bra in which chopsticks can be folded up and stored (to encourage the reusing of utensils).

But Japan is not the first to put solar power in risqué places.

In 2007, designer Andrew Schneider created a bikini that was equipped with strips of photovoltaic film and produced five volts of solar power. The suit is conductive enough to charge an iPod via an attached USB connector, but is only meant for sunbathing (and not for swimming).

After all, electrocution is not most people’s idea of fun.

Next on Schneider's agenda? A pair of solar-powered swim trunks called the iDrink that can chill a beer. Who says the ladies get to have all the solar-powered fun?