Amidst all the sporty, sleek, Bluetooth-enabled cars that offer, say, "effortlessly precise handling" or "modern and authentic performance" or are "decidedly aeronautic," a few cars at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show are expected to shine green.

Kicking off Nov. 16 in Los Angeles and running for ten days, the show will see 14 cars make their worldwide debut and 30 cars make their North American debut.

In true California fashion, the Los Angeles event has become known as a key place for showcasing environmentally friendly cars.

Automakers this year are showing off vehicles that get more miles per gallon, that produce fewer emissions and that use more sustainable materials.

But the green reputation that has become all the more central this year as fuel approaches the lofty price of $100 per barrel also has made the show a target for environmentalists who want carmakers to put more resources toward the development and adoption of fuel-efficient cars.

The environmental coalition Freedom From Oil, for example, said Tuesday that it plans to protest outside the convention center. The group will ask automakers to make oil-free, pollution-free vehicles widely available and to stop blocking stricter emission standards. To raise attention, the group will perform a one-day, rapid conversion of a traditional gasoline-electric hybrid to a plug-in hybrid that gets 100 MPG by replacing some gasoline with electricity.

"Fuel-efficient cars are the seat belts of the 21st century - necessary for our families' safety and the survival of our planet," said Nick Magel of member group Global Exchange, in a statement. " If domestic automakers want to survive global competition and are serious about making environmental commitments, why not hire engineers to implement the innovative technologies we already have instead of lawyers to litigate against California's demand for clean cars?"

Despite the commotion expected outside the event, automakers will show off attempts at greenery inside, including a fleet of new hybrids from the likes of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.