This week found A123 Systems embarking on its long-awaited $225 million IPO. If successful, the greentech industry could be on the cusp of a new era in financing, and the energy storage sector could begin to receive some extra attention.

What follows is a convoy of stories and blogs from the battery and transportation world you might have missed:

AltairNano Looks to Supply Batteries to Hawaii Solar Project
The battery maker is competing with A123 for grid-scale energy storage contracts. Lithium-ion may be an up-and-coming tech for "power-oriented" grid storage, says GTM Research analyst John Kluza.

Electric Cars, Courtesy of Genetic Engineering
Some of the people who helped Norvartis develop drugs are getting into batteries and fuel cells.

Lithium-Ion Battery Makers Fight Back on Push to Ban Air Transport
The Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA) is making in opposing a call from an airline pilot's union to ban the shipment of lithium ion batteries on flights.

Sapphire: A Major Tech Annoucement in 30 Days
We might get a little closer to one of the biggest questions in the algae world – why did investors put $100 million into Sapphire Energy – in about a month.

The $225M IPO Roadshow begins: A123 = AONE
A123's long-threatened IPO has the potential to draw the market's attention to the energy storage sector. And the IPO will also give us a glimpse on how investment banks and institutional investors will value energy storage firms.

Propane: Coming to 100 Gas Stations Near You
CleanFuel USA has received a $12.9 stimulus grant from the Department of Energy that it will use to install liquid propane pumps at 100 gas stations.

Fisker's Karma to Get 67.6 Miles Per Gallon
Fisker will show off the Karma next week in Frankfurt, and it has a somewhat realistic mileage figure.

Navy Orders 20,000 Gallons of Algae Fuel From Solazyme
The Department of Defense has ordered over 20,000 gallons of algae fuel from Solazyme to see if algae fuel can replace F-76 Naval Distillate, the primary shipboard fuel used by the Navy.

Test Drive: The All-Electric Whip From Wheego
It's an all-electric, two-seater car that looks like a smart car. It's not bad, which is a good sign for the industry.