Arizona Republic: Utility Board Approves Large Monthly Solar Fees

Salt River Project's elected leaders on Thursday voted in favor of a rate increase and new charges for solar customers as about 200 protestors of the measures gathered at the utility's board meeting in Tempe.

Solar rate changes will add about $50 to the average solar customer's bill, mostly through a new "demand charge" based on the customer's peak demand during the month, regardless of how much of the electricity they take from SRP is offset by production from their solar panels.

San Diego Union Tribune: Utilities May Claim Credit for Rooftop Solar Gains

Hints are emerging about how California's investor-owned utilities intend to meet the governor's new goal of providing 50 percent renewable power by 2030.

Ted Craver, CEO of California's second largest electric utility, told investors this week that his company wants to expand the state's definition of renewable energy beyond large-scale solar and wind facilities that have sprouted in the deserts and mountain corridors. Edison may seek additional recognition for advances in rooftop solar installed by homes and retailers, energy efficient buildings and even electric vehicle charging, he said.

Bangor Daily News: Pika Energy Wants to Be Standard-Bearer for Microgrid Technology

The renewable energy company that began in a garage in 2010 and by 2013 attracted about $1.1 million in funding now has its sights on building the standard platform for small-scale electricity grids.

Ben Polito, the company’s co-founder and president, said the company is planning another round of fundraising from investors this year to further develop its system to manage various sources of renewable power, power storage and power from the electric grid.

Kokomo Tribune: Net Metering Bill Dies in Indiana House

A net metering bill that many felt would stymie the growth of solar energy in Indiana appears to have died Wednesday in the state House of Representatives.

House Bill 1320, which aimed to change the way solar panel owners are credited for the energy they produce, was not heard on the House floor Wednesday, the last day for legislation to clear the chamber.

CRI: Beijing Considers Free Parking for Electric Cars

Electric car drivers may soon be able to enjoy cheaper or even free parking in Beijing, as the city's policymakers are working on a new pricing scheme in their latest effort to reduce air pollution.

The Beijing municipal government is hoping to finalize the new scheme before the end of March, the Beijing Times reported.

The scheme will allow alternative-fuel cars, including electric and hybrid vehicles, to be exempt from parking fees and tolls.

National Journal: Democratic Congressman Draws Backlash Over Climate Funding Probe

A House Democrat looking for ties between climate skeptics at several universities and fossil fuel interests is facing allegations that his probe goes too far. And they're not just coming from his political opponents.

Following revelations that a prominent climate skeptic failed to disclose funding from Exxon, Southern Company, and other fossil fuel industry sources, Rep. Raul Grijalva, the top Democrat on the Natural Resources Committee, sent letters to seven schools demanding information about -- and "communication regarding" -- specific professors' funding sources and their preparation of testimony before Congress and other bodies.