Alstom Grid has completed the acquisition of ASAT Solutions, a Canadian company that provides substation automation solutions.

ASAT, based in Calgary, specializes in managing the data coming off of distribution substations and using that for operation, maintenance and asset management. The company’s server helps integrate intelligent control devices with substation computers.

ASAT had been working with various competitors of Alstom, including ABB, General Electric, SEL and Siemens. The company had a reseller agreement with GE. ASAT had also been working with Areva, which Alstom bought part of in 2010 for just over $1.9 billion (Schneider Electric bought the other portion of the company). Alstom also has an alliance with S&C Electric.

“Companies like ASAT are becoming more important as utilities continue to move beyond legacy communications to more standards-based communications. The solutions provided by these companies ensure compatibility for legacy as well as future equipment deployments while improving the transmission, management, and authorized presentment of data from intelligent electronic devices to various utility silos,” said Ben Kellison, smart grid analyst at GTM Research.

Earlier this year, Alstom partnered with Cisco to integrate the latter’s end-to-end IP network for connecting intelligent devices on the smart grid.

Alstom is embedding Cisco’s IPv6-capable platform in its substation gear. Cisco has various smart grid partners, including Subnet Solutions, which offers substation automation solutions similar to ASAT, according to Kellison. Cisco also told Greentech Media it is looking at launching new substation products beyond its core routers.

“This acquisition is a great opportunity for Alstom Grid to help accelerate the development of ASAT business while broadening our smart grid ready offerings to the market,” Hervé Amossé, vice president of Alstom Grid Substation Automation Solutions, said in a statement.

Alstom’s purchase of ASAT will enhance its U.S. presence and solidifies its interest in gaining a foothold in the substation market.