In this special Solar Summit 2014 preview edition of the Greentech Media podcast, Scott Clavenna, CEO of Greentech Media, talks with members of the truSolar Working Group about their ongoing efforts to establish uniform credit-screening standards for commercial and industrial PV projects to help drive down the cost of capital.

The truSolar team will be taking part in our pre-conference seminar at the Solar Summit on "The Future of U.S. Distributed Solar Project Finance" in a special session titled "C&I Project Screening Methodologies: How to Accurately Price Risk to Unlock Financing."

Representing truSolar on the podcast are:

  • Chase Weir, CEO, Distributed Sun
  • Evelyn Butler, Global Director, Business Development, Energy & Industrial Systems, Underwriters Laboratories
  • Jamie Mandel, Manager, Industry and Electricity, Rocky Mountain Institute

The agenda for "The Future of U.S. Distributed Solar Project Finance" seminar is here. Register here.