Imagine you are driving to your vacation destination. Your spouse is in the front seat, nodding off and failing navigation duties, and the kids are in the back playing with your iPad.

It's the perfect time to listen to the radio. But NPR isn't coming in and you can't seem to find anything other than the same horrible Top-40 pop stations. What are you going to do?

If you subscribed to the Energy Gang podcast, you'd have hours of audio debates readily available on your phone about the state of solar manufacturing, Tesla's business strategy, the economics of natural gas and the future of utilities.

You love those topics. So why haven't you subscribed yet?

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And if you need a little more motivation, here are five more reasons, as described by our listeners, why you should be a subscriber.

1. "Amazing how much I learn from The Energy Gang that I don't hear anywhere else."

Everyone's wondering whether SolarCity's manufacturing strategy is realistic. Here's our recent debate about SolarCity you won't find anywhere else:

2. "As someone engaged in the energy field, I find that you really fill a meaningful gap in news and analysis."

Everyone is talking about the solar-storage combination. But when will it truly have an impact? The Energy Gang analyzes the possibilities:

3. "A podcast that consistently provides some of the best, most relevant and engaging content on clean energy topics."

The Energy Gang tackles how to make the solar industry more equitable:

4. "The podcast takes a prudent and pragmatic view on the clean technology and is backed by facts and experienced contributors."

Are utilities and regulators really prepared to embrace the future of distributed generation? The Energy Gang looks at some important shifts underway in New York to create the utility of the future:

5. "The Energy Gang podcast is a fantastic source of up-to-the-minute important information. It is incredibly valuable to me and my firm."

We've heard a lot about what big companies are doing in sustainability. But are they really working? The gang debates the effectiveness of corporate sustainability practices:

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