Stephen Lacey


Stephen Lacey is the Editor-in-Chief at Greentech Media, where he focuses on solar, energy efficiency and grid modernization. He has extensive experience reporting on the business and politics of cleantech. He is also the host of the Energy Gang, a popular podcast that that dives into the technological, political, and market forces driving energy and environmental issues. He is based in Boston, MA.

Jeff St. John

Senior Editor

Jeff St. John is Senior Editor at Greentech Media covering the green technology space, with a particular focus on smart grid, demand response, energy storage, renewable energy and technology to integrate distributed, intermittent green energy into the grid.

Katherine Tweed

Senior Writer

Katherine Tweed writes on grid edge, demand response, energy efficiency and home networking for Greentech Media. Her freelance work has appeared in a range of media outlets, from Scientific American and FoxNews to Audubon Magazine and Men’s Health. She has a master’s degree in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting from New York University. Katherine never leaves her electronics in stand-by mode.

Julia Pyper

Senior Editor

Julia Pyper is a Senior Editor at Greentech Media covering clean energy policy, the solar industry, grid edge technologies and electric mobility. She previously reported for E&E Publishing, and has covered clean energy and climate change issues across the U.S. and abroad, including in Haiti, Israel and the Maldives. Julia holds degrees from McGill and Columbia Universities. Find her on Twitter @JMPyper.

Julian Spector

Staff Writer

Julian is a staff writer at Greentech Media, where he reports on energy storage and other clean energy sectors. He also has experience covering clean transportation, state and federal energy policy, and climate adaptation. Previously, Julian reported for CityLab at The Atlantic and conducted grant-funded climate change reporting in Bangladesh. He graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in political science.