Editorial Policy

At Greentech Media, it's our mission to provide you with the most current, accurate and reliable information on the greentech industry online. The core of this mission is our editorial integrity. When you receive information from Greentech Media, you must be able to trust that our news, market research and coverage of events are unbiased and based on fact and careful analysis.

As a digital media company, Greentech Media accepts advertising on our site. We have established an advertising policy so you can easily differentiate between advertising and the independent editorial content on our site (please see Greentech Media's advertising policy on the Greentech Media website). This editorial policy explains our approach to ensure the quality, accuracy or selection of editorial content and services that we provide to you.

No Financial Dealings

Greentech Media prohibits its editors, writers and reporters (collectively, the "editorial employees" or "editors") from having any financial position in any private or public company in the cleantech industry that is or could be the subject of any editorial content published on the site. This prohibition covers the direct ownership of any interest in any such company, but excludes mutual funds, 401K plans and other types of ownership in which the editors do not have direct control over such investments. Please note that this prohibition in financial dealings does not apply to any guest columnists, opinion or perspective authors or research analysts who are not employees of Greentech Media. Greentech Media will clearly identify editorial content that is not written by its editorial employees.

No Influence on Editorial Content

Greentech Media's investors are prohibited from influencing or providing input of any kind on the editorial content of our site.

Avoidance of Any Appearance of Impropriety

All Greentech Media editorial employees are required to avoid any appearance of impropriety in their dealings with the stories, issues and events that they cover. This is especially true in regard to any financial transactions or inside information about any company that we cover.

No Gifts of Value

Greentech Media employees are prohibited from accepting gifts or other benefits of any material value (e.g. approximately $5.00 or more) that could cause the giver or others to perceive that Greentech Media is or may be influenced by another company or person. In the event that an employee receives such gifts, the employee shall be required to return the gift or, if that option is not practicable, donate the gift to a nonprofit charity of Greentech Media's choosing.

Disclosure of Business Relationships

Greentech Media, or its investors, may have a business relationship with one or more of the companies whose products or services are discussed on our site. We will disclose such business relationships whenever material. We will also disclose such business relationships in any editorial content where a Greentech Media partner or investor is a primary subject. In no case shall any editorial content be influenced by such business relationships.

Clear Labels of Third Party Sources

In some limited circumstances, our site may contain information not generated by Greentech Media. In those cases, we will label the content to indicate the sources of such information.

Corrections of Errors

Greentech Media is committed to quickly correcting any errors of fact. Any error brought to our attention will be promptly corrected, so that only accurate information is displayed on our site. If content does not contain a clear error, but may be subject to reasonable misinterpretation, we will provide a clarification along with the content.