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The Smart Utility Enterprise 2011-2015: IT Systems Architecture, Cyber Security and Market Forecast

The ongoing deployment of smart grid infrastructure (i.e., smart meters and distribution automation) in the U.S. is prompting utility strategists to re-evaluate their organizations' back-end enterprise architectures in order to enable next-gen utility business and operational services, such as dynamic pricing, grid optimization, self-healing grids and renewables integration. As utilities begin this re-evaluation, they are discovering an existing patchwork of legacy enterprise systems with little, if any, architectural consistency. Utilities are just now beginning to understand the implications of outfitting their dated enterprise architectures with current information (IT) and operations (OT) technologies required to offer next-gen smart grid applications to both their in-house teams and end-users.

Figure: Smart Enterprise Market Taxonomy

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Source: GTM Research

GTM Research's comprehensive report on the smart grid utility enterprise aims to demystify and dissect this smart grid market segment by pinpointing the best practices for implementing enterprise architectures. The report analyzes the enterprise implications for smart grid at each step along the power chain, from point of generation to final consumption.

The report also focuses on vital data management and integration strategies for bringing AMI and distribution automation data into the enterprise as shared enterprise information assets, as well as strategies for integrating applications together to build smart grid applications and improved business processes enabled by smart grid automation.

In addition, The Smart Utility Enterprise 2011-2015 profiles more than 35 companies, including the leading enterprise application / infrastructure providers along with the leading enterprise integrators and consultants. To download a sample profile, click here.

Utilities – Leverage this report to:

  • Understand your smart grid application integration requirements
  • Determine which of the sixteen integration tools and enterprise information management technologies covered in the report can be used to meet requirements
  • Quickly identify which of the thirty-six vendors covered in the report should be considered for your short list for application software, integration tools and information management technologies
  • Understand best practices including how to adopt web services in your organization
  • Develop screening criteria for optimal technology selection
  • Use findings and recommendations in the report to justify IT infrastructure investments to senior management and to regulators for capital recovery

Consultants & Integrators – Leverage this report to:

  • Develop thought leadership and strategic direction to build and cement strategic industry relationships with utilities implementing smart grid
  • Train client service staff on smart grid enterprise architecture
  • Inform and improve your smart grid technology roadmap planning services
  • Refine your integration solution offering
  • Plan enterprise architecture roadmaps for clients
  • Maximize client return on technology investment by designing a reusable and flexible IT infrastructure

Vendors – Leverage this report to:

  • Inform product roadmap planning and identify gaps and opportunities in the smart grid enterprise software market
  • Understand requirements for integration and how to participate effectively in the emerging open smart grid marketplace
  • Plan and position a comprehensive smart grid solution framework
  • Identify which segments of the smart grid enterprise software market will garner the most spending in the next five years and why
  • Justify investments in products and solutions based on forecasted U.S. market size
  • Identify consultants and integrators to partner with to deliver complete solutions into client accounts

Download the report's brochure for a complete Table of Contents and List of Figures as well as more in-depth information on the report's analysis.

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Report Author

Chet Geschickter focuses on information technology for the smart grid, including technology strategy, application integration and consumer adoption.  He is the author of a recent GTM Research report on Meter Data Management and a new report on Home Energy Management.

Chet Geschickter has a twenty year career that spans a range of technology leadership positions, including serving as director of research for a leading technology analyst firm, leading the development of digital strategies and roadmaps for top global corporations, and running marketing for venture-backed software companies.  Chet has also served as head of relationship management and planning for a full-service interactive agency and as a strategy architect for a leading eBusiness consultancy. 

Chet has an MBA from The University of Michigan and a BA in Political Science from Duke University.  He works in GTM Research's Boston office.

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value added elements

  • Analysis of existing enterprise architectures, including service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementations.
  • Enterprise market forecasts to 2015 for Customer Engagement, Business Services and Grid Operations segments, with 14 technology sub-segment break outs.
  • Findings and recommendations from business-side (IT) and grid-side (OT) systems integration debate.
  • The role of cyber security in enterprise architectures and the factors affecting reliable security practices.
  • Competitive profiles of leading enterprise companies, with bill of product offerings, primary competitors and qualitative market positioning.

strategic inquiries

  • Which enterprise architectures provide best solutions for smart grid utilities and what are the key technologies within these architectures?
  • Where do the greatest opportunities exist in the enterprise technology and services markets?
  • How are utilities working to safely and reliably bridge the gap between IT and OT applications for greater profitability?
  • What are the drivers and inhibitors of a comprehensive cyber security solution for enterprise architectures?

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