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The Smart Grid in China, 2012-2016: Markets, Technologies and Strategies

China represents 70% of the Asian smart grid market, and will invest close to US$250 billion into its grid over the next five years. There are major plans in motion in the areas of transmission, distribution automation, smart meters, electric vehicles (EV), and EV charging technologies, and over 263 smart grid pilot projects already underway. However, because of the structure of China's government and nuances of its Five-Year Plans, it is necessary to develop a clear picture of how China's Plans, projections, regulations, and incentive and subsidy programs will work together to define the smart grid market in order to position strategically within the market.

This 103-page report is the definitive source for organizations looking to capitalize on China’s quickly growing smart grid markets. A clear understanding of China’s energy scenario, as well as the associated smart grid technology and deployment trends, will be crucial to achieving meaningful entry. The report includes detailed statistics and country-wide comparisons for various smart grid markets, a five-year forecast, descriptions of market conditions and technologies, and comprehensive vendor snapshots.

FIGURE: China's 11-Year Investments by Sector and Phase

Source: GTM Research

China's smart grid market is growing quickly, but it is important to understand that its evolution will be remarkably different from that of any other nation. Because of the structure of China's government and nuances of its Five-Year Plans, it is necessary to develop a clear picture of how China's Plans, projections, regulations, and incentive and subsidy programs will work together to define the smart grid market in order to create strategic positioning. For example, China has devoted a huge amount of funding to installing meters, creating pilot projects around smarter power utilization and DSM, and substation and distribution automation. On the other hand, China's EV market has a huge amount of potential (and available funding), but struggles to advance due to lack of innovative battery technologies, access to subsidies, infrastructure deployment, and consumer adoption.

In addition, the report also identifies both the Chinese and foreign companies who play a major role in the Chinese smart grid. The list includes; Wasion Group, Shenzhen Clou, Ningbo Sanxing, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology, Huawei, Rongxin Power Electronic, PingGao, XJ Electric, BYD, XD Electric, Donfeng Electronics, ABB, Siemens, Eaton, BPL Global, IBM, and GE, among others.

If you're interested in a larger understanding of the smart grid in Asia, please see our report The Smart Grid in Asia, 2012-2016: Markets, Technologies and Strategies, which covers not only China, but also South Korea and Japan.

Download the report's brochure for a complete Table of Contents and List of Figures as well as more in-depth information on the report's analysis.

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Report Author

Kamil Bojanczyk is an engineer and consultant in power grid technologies, and is currently based out of Beijing. Over the past four years, his work has covered economic analysis, market research, product development, patent research, and technical simulations. He has worked in a number of engineering and business development roles, ranging from performing complex fenestration with novel materials and building energy consumption modeling for a stealth-mode startup in Silicon Valley, to setting up a microgrids business unit and building the business cases for the largest wind power company in China. His energy-related publications include two IEEE conference papers and a series of reports on Smart Grid in Asia for GTM Research.

Outside of work, Kamil participates in a number of volunteer activities, enjoys biking instead of taking the subway, and rock climbs as often as his finger strength allows him to go. Kamil graduated with a BS in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.

Report Author

David Leeds directs the smart grid research practice at GTM.  Mr. Leeds has guest lectured on the subject at MIT, Stanford, and The Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania). He has been quoted as an expert by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; his perspective pieces have appeared in a variety of publications including BusinessWeek, Power Magazine and Fortune.  He is the author of the groundbreaking report “The Smart Grid in 2010,” which has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

An avid world-traveler, David has come into contact with many of our most pressing environmental and social challenges. His research, focused on the convergence of IT, telecom and energy networks, leads him to believe that a smarter future is possible if we can reinvent our collective relationship with energy. Mr. Leeds completed his degree in international business and finance at Trinity College at Oxford (U.K.) and the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He lives and works in New York City.

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