There's a question you probably didn't want to get today.

The answer: Probably quite a few. Diana Dobin of Valley Forge Fabrics sent us a note today with test results comparing regular cotton sheets and sheets woven from a fabric designed by Austria's Lenzing and Valley Forge made from eucalyptus fibers. Eucalyptus is a renewable material and it has microbial properties that can serve to kill microbes. (The sheets also feel plush and not like wood, she tells us – more about Valley Forge in this insightful article.)

The test, conducted by the Microbiology laboratory-Institute Francais du Textile at de l'Habillement, involved putting 300 dust mites on separate 100 percent cotton sheets and 300 percent on a sheet made from Tencel fabric, the fabric made with eucalyptus. There were three separate tests for each kind of sheet.

Then they let them breed.

After 42 days, the Tencel sheets had an average of 184 dust mites.

The regular sheets had an average of 5,880 dust mites. Those are the ones you probably own.

Can I get a big ewwww from the audience. Imagine 5,880 plus of those little guys in the picture crawling around at night. And you can probably raise the figure if you have shoulder hair.

In the U.S., the American Society for Testing and Materials performs safety and health tests.

Sweet dreams.