If everyone swapped their cars for electric ones, could we bankrupt OPEC?

Close. If all the cars and trucks in the U.S. could be traded in for electric cars, approximately 81 percent of U.S. oil imports could be eliminated, said Winfried Wilcke, IBM Program Director at the Almaden Institute, a two-day conference on energy storage taking place at IBM's Almaden laboratory south of San Jose, Calif.

The U.S., he noted, consumes 20 million barrels a day and 14 million barrels of that total, or around 70 percent, are imported. Light vehicles (aka cars) consume 63 percent of the oil in the U.S.

How much oil is 20 million barrels in real world terms? If you had a lake that was 100 meters square, it would have to be 396 meters deep, or 1,300 feet deep, to accommodate the fluid from 20 million barrels.