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Tesla Jacks Price on Roadster Options

Jeff St. John: January 20, 2009, 1:37 PM
Tesla Motors has raised the price of some of the options on its near-$100,000 electric-powered Roadster — and about 400 people who've put down $50,000 deposits on the cars can take it or leave it. That's the gist of letters and phone calls customers of the San Carlos, Calif.-based electric car startup got last week. Facing some financial troubles and seeking federal loans, Tesla has given those customers of its 2008 model year Roaster a choice — pay extra for options, or receive a full refund. "We need to improve the margins on the car for the next round of investors," Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad said Tuesday. "They could be venture capitalists, they could be public...

Greece Promises Smoother-Running Solar Feed-In Tariff

Jeff St. John: January 20, 2009, 9:34 AM
The government of Greece last week announced changes to its solar feed-in tariff program, one of the most generous in Europe — and the biggest change they're promised is to make the program work. That's according to Francesco D'Avack, analyst with New Energy Finance, who said Greece last week pledged to speed up a back-logged application process for its feed-in tariffs that has up to 3 gigawatts of solar power projects waiting for approval. Launched in 2006, Greece's feed-in tariff offers from €0.40 to €0.50 (52 cents to 65 cents) per kilowatt-hour of solar power produced, D'Avack said — one of the most generous in Europe, where feed-in tariff prices tend to be in the...

Torresol Borrows €171M to Complete Solar-Thermal Plant in Spain

Ucilia Wang: January 20, 2009, 4:21 AM

ABU DHABI -- Torresol Energy has borrowed €171 million to complete construction of its first power plant to use the sun’s heat to generate electricity.

Formed last year by Masdar in Abu Dhabi and Sener in Spain, Torresol now has the entire €240 million it needs to build the 17-megawatt solar thermal power plant called Gemasolar, said Manuel Fernandez, chief financial officer at Torresol Tuesday.

Torresol, based in Madrid, started building its Gemasolar plant last November, and is scheduled to complete the project in the first quarter of 2011. The €171 million is coming from Banco Popular, Banesto and the Instituto de Credito Oficial. The rest of the €240 million is...