Webcor -- a name that people in California see emblazoned on construction cranes and job sites all over the state -- will become a limited partner in a green building fund managed by Navitas Capital. Last month, the two companies signed a strategic agreement under which Navitas agreed to help Webcor identify promising greentech startups. The two deals underscore the growing momentum for green buildings. Webcor is the largest builder in California and a substantial portion of its revenue comes from LEED-based projects. By teaming up with Navitas, Webcor potentially will be able to find out about emerging green building technologies and even profit from them. Small companies, of course, could benefit by having easier access to a construction giant. One of the biggest challenges in green construction and building materials is getting contractors to actually adopt the stuff. Contractors are notoriously conservative when it comes to adopting new materials. Buildings have to last several decades and failures can easily lead to lawsuits. Navitas is a relatively new firm. It operated in stealth mode until a few months ago (when it was involuntarily outed). It invests only in green building companies. And in case this statistic isn't tattooed in your head yet, let me give it to you again: around 39 percent of the total energy consumed in the U.S. goes to running buildings. That's power that goes to lights, air conditioners and other appliances. Another 12 percent of the U.S.'s total energy gets consumed in construction.