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    Grid edge analytics offer utilities enhanced control, new revenue opportunities and drastically increased awareness of their financial, logistical and operational activity and performance. The spread of intelligence to the edge of the grid, as well as the ability to backhaul data from the edge of the grid, is enabling utilities and energy services companies real-time or near-real-time awareness and control over key operations.

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  • Grid Edge Webinar Series: The Complex, Evolving Utility-Solar Nexus

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    The future of U.S. utilities has seldom been so uncertain. Today’s growth of distributed solar combined with the potential for energy storage, improved customer energy management and microgrids is forcing many utilities to fundamentally rethink their role in the electricity market.

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Greentech Media smart grid webinars are free online seminars that cover topics relevant to the growing smart grid industry including: network infrastructure and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), grid optimization, home area networks, demand response, EV integration onto the grid, energy storage, and software and applications for data on the grid. Hosted by expert analysts and editors with speakers from companies and utilities that are actively involved in the evolution of the electric grid. Sign up to receive alerts about upcoming webinars by registering for a Greentech Media account.

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