How Storage Paves the Way for the Grid of the Future

The increasing penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as solar, call for new approaches on how we organize our electrical grid. Not only are solar inverters getting smarter and smarter (e.g. advanced grid features or communication capabilities) but also new technologies help to ensure a better integration into our energy infrastructure. The biggest impact will come from energy storage systems, which offer plenty of new applications such as backup power, self-consumption, tariff optimization or dynamic grid support. By implementing these new applications into our energy supply, we will pave the way for DER and our grid of the future.

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Next Generation Electric Rate Design

This webinar will explore trends driving the “new normal” of electric rate design across the United States focusing specifically on how the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the nation’s largest public water and power utility, took a collaborative approach to their recently approved rate case.

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What Utilities Can Learn from Other Service Industries. Hint: It Starts with Mobile Engagement

Across industries, improving the customer experience has positively impacted revenue, profit and satisfaction. Today’s challenge is to ensure that digital resources meet customers where they are—on mobile. Leaders in industries like telecommunications, banking and travel have primed customers to expect user-centric and responsive mobile tools that make getting critical information easy and timely.