Key Strategies for Driving Energy Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Engaging with customers across billing and energy efficiency has recently matured into an opportunity to solidify the utility’s position as a source of insight and choice around energy, and targeted messaging is creating similar opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.

This webinar will highlight the key trends behind the shift toward customer-centric DSM program management, focusing on leading approaches that enable utilities to deliver energy savings cost effectively.


Offsite Renewables. On Target Solutions. Putting large-scale solar and wind to work for business

As renewable energy takes hold for businesses of all types, so does the range of renewable solutions being put in place. A good example lies in the offsite wind and solar projects NRG is now installing. These offsite projects are designed to put clean energy to work for customers who may not have thought a renewable approach was right for them – whether for logistical or financial reasons.


Selectively Deploying MLPE in PV Systems Using Solar Modelling Software

With increasing functionality available to you, how do you choose the right module and optimization level for your system? In this webinar, Trina Solar will give you the details of the latest smart modules and solutions, and Aurora Solar will demo their modelling software to show how you can design systems with selectively-deployed MLPE.

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Key Considerations for Remote/Island Renewable Microgrid Development

Remote and island communities and customers have always provided a strong business case for the development of hybrid renewable microgrids. These communities have traditionally relied almost entirely on diesel-fired generation which is costly and presents supply chain and environmental risk. This is changing as increasing adoption of significant renewables on to these systems with appropriate controls and integration are providing a direct economic benefit.


How Software is Transforming Solar Development

As a variety of solar-specific software tools reach the market, they are helping solar installers improve their speed and reduce costs.

However, improved speed is only part of the software story. The best installers are transforming the way they operate to increase their effectiveness, close more deals, and improve their turnaround times. These installers are becoming fundamentally different organizations with different workflows and streamlined org structures.

This webinar will describe the latest developments in solar software tools, and explain how these tools are impacting the way solar installers operate, showcasing case studies of new workflows, techniques, and best practices.

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Preparing for a Distributed Energy Future: What Can Be Done Today to Integrate DERs Cost Effectively

Distributed energy resources, particularly solar PV, are growing at an unprecedented rate. GTM Research forecasts that the global market for PV will grow threefold by 2020, to a nearly 700 GW cumulative demand market and a 135 GW annual market by 2020.  Assuming that rapid growth is ahead, it is fundamentally important for broader-scale distributed energy market reform to be realized in the future. This, however, is a challenging endeavor that may yet take some time.

While the industry and regulators work through the challenges associated with a new “distributed energy future,” what can be done now, within the existing utility regulatory construct to help integrate additional DERs in a cost-effective, reliable, and equitable manner?

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​Five Market Trends That Are Re-Shaping C&I Energy Management

Commercial adoption of energy technology is also highly dependent on state and local rates and incentives, which can make calculating returns difficult in the shifting grid edge environment. States like California have made it easy to go solar and explore energy storage solutions, while the states in the Northeast have committed close to a half a billion dollars to microgrid related-development to meet resiliency needs.

This webinar introduces GTM Research's Grid Edge Customer Network and provides a look at the top five market trends facing today's C&I energy manager and the opportunities emerging to solve these challenges.


Best Practices for Solar Installers to Optimize Logistics and Scale Business

The extension of the federal Investment Tax Credit for solar ensures that the industry will grow to record heights in the years to come. Despite federal tax alleviation, cost reductions remain important. In a maturing market, there is an increased need to focus on soft costs and optimize installation logistics, especially for growing residential installers. Join us on February 23rd to discuss some of the problems that exist for installers in today’s environment.

During this webinar, Duane Gabor and John Dorsey from QuickBase and Ryan Crandell from LoJack will discuss some of the ways that installers can address these issues with a focus on vehicle tracking and fleet management as one way to keep costs in check.

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