Creating Climate Wealth

Creating Climate Wealth will convene respected entrepreneurs in Washington DC jointly with a selected group of Intrapreneurs from the government, non-profit, and corporate communities to provide their insights and expertise on the policies, market frameworks, and programs that will clear the barriers to deliver these emission reductions and promote job creation. The gathering will start from existing proposals, but will encourage participants to use their entrepreneurial expertise to problem-solve new approaches based on budget deficits and other market conditions.

The executive-level Summit, scheduled for April 20th–22nd in Washington, DC, will convene successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives, creative financial partners, forward thinking government and non-profit professionals to provide their insight and expertise in policies, market frameworks and programs. We know that the convening of this dynamic group will lead the way to clear the barriers to deliver emission reductions and promote job creation.

Prestigious Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business will host the Summit featuring the following speakers:

  • Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman, The Virgin Group
  • Jigar Shah, CEO, Carbon War Room
  • Jose Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum
  • Craig Cogut, Founder and Co-Manager of Pegasus Capital Advisors
  • Sunil Paul, Founder of Spring Ventures and Gigaton Throwdown
  • Wesley Clark, Chairman, US Investment Bank Rodman & Renshaw

There will also be plenary sessions and facilitated industry working groups – focusing on eight market segments from Biofuels to Sustainable Agriculture.

Specific objectives of the Summit are as follows:

  1. Establish the growth rates needed to reach a gigaton of GHG savings by 2020 annually from each sector
  2. Agree on the top market barriers to reaching the growth rates (i.e. training, regulatory, financing, reports establishing the value of our solutions from government, etc.)
  3. Agree on the top policy barriers to reaching the growth rates (i.e. price on carbon, rules changes within loan guarantee program, etc.)
  4. Top ideas on how to eliminate the barriers, including:
    1. What NGOs and Trade Associations are best positioned to make an impact on these market and policy barriers
    2. How will provide the necessary funds; will we lobby foundations, charge membership dues, etc.?
    3. Who can represent the industry best and become a spokesperson for eliminating these barriers? Would it be Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, James Cameron, David Crane, Jim Rogers, Sunil Paul, T. Boone Pickens – or someone not on this list?

So don't miss this opportunity to lend your voice and your expertise to this program. It's more than a coincidence that the Summit is occurring during the week celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in Washington, D.C.!

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  • Richard Branson

    Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group

  • Jos? Mar?a Figueres

    Former President of Costa Rica/CEO of the World Economic Forum

  • Jigar Shah

    CEO Carbon War Room

  • Craig Cogut

    Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Pegasus Capital Advisors

Participant Types

  • Entrepreneur/Founder: Experienced entrepreneurs with battle scars from efforts to implement climate change solutions
  • Industry Executive: Experienced entrepreneurs with battle scars from efforts to implement climate change solutions
  • Investor: Investors that want to increase their returns in the climate change space by focusing on market barriers that are holding back growth rates
  • Lender: Articulate representatives that can explain the remaining hurdles to full acceptability of different asset classes
  • Civil Servant: Government intrapreneurs that are focused on removing barriers to private investment
  • Technical: Experts in technology for each field that can comment on the growth rates and technical possibilities
  • NGO/Foundations: Experts in each field that can comment on the growth rates, policy opportunities for collaboration and finding the financial resources needed to solve the problem
  • Professional Services: Leaders that provide a transactional expertise to market failures

Working Tracks

  • Distributed Generation: Solar, DG, Co-generation, Interconnections, Finance
  • Grid Management: Demand Response, Grid Storage, Transmission and Distribution
  • Natural Gas: New supplies, Pipelines, Gas-to-Liquids, Fuel switching
  • Energy Efficiency: Meters & Management, Peak Shaving, Energy-saving Solutions, Finance
  • Next-gen Biofuels & Aviation: Drop-in Diesel & Aviation Biofuels, Algae
  • Shipping & Freight: Containers, Tankers, Trucks, Trains, Inter-modal
  • Electric Vehicles: Plug-ins, EV, Storage, Charging Infrastructure, Pricing Models
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Increasing Yields, Next-Gen Fertilizers, Soil Health, Biochar

The breakout sessions are for open dialog with a number of technical experts.

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The Venue

Creating Climate Wealth will be held at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business in Washington, DC.

37th & O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057

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