Walmart recently took a giant step to encourage sustainability investments for its 60,000 suppliers with its Supplier Sustainability Assessment program, initially a set of 15 questions. This tactical workshop is a time- and cost-effective way to gain confidence with your submittal and to gauge investment levels in sustainability programs. This workshop supplements all materials provided by Walmart, including information and guides provided in Retail Link and on Walmart's website.

The workshop is accompanied by a full day conference on Sept. 17, 2009: Greening the Supply Chain. The conference is a strategic meeting of executives and professionals in the supply chain business. Register for both the conference and the workshop to receive $100 off the price of attendance.

Who Should Attend?

  • Suppliers to Walmart
  • Suppliers who want to network with experts and other suppliers

What Questions Will Be Answered?

  • What constitute completeness? What is good enough?
  • How do I get assurance that my response is solid?
  • What are best practices for setting goals (time frames, %, etc.) and reduction programs?
  • What do I need to consider for 2010?

What Services are Offered?

  • Submittal assistance; each question will be reviewed to complete comprehensive of exactly what it means
  • Common approaches and response options to each question
  • Networking time with other suppliers and sustainability experts


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