The Soft Grid 2013

Oct. 1-2, 2013 | PG&E | San Francisco, CA

Now in its second year, Greentech Media’s highly successful Soft Grid conference will examine the issues and challenges that face utilities, energy providers, hardware and software vendors, and consumers as data generation, collection, analysis and application have become part of every day operations.

The Soft Grid will address unique issues encountered with complex analytics and cloud services, and how they are transforming generation, distribution and consumption of electric power.

We are proud again to announce the backing and support of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) as the Host Utility Sponsor for The Soft Grid conference series. The Soft Grid will host additional experts from both domestic and international utilities as well as thought leaders and high-tech pioneers from other industries that have taken full advantage of complex data analytics.

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Why Come to Soft Grid? 

Greentech Media's Jeff St. John talks about what makes up the Soft Grid: the intersection of utilities and analytics. Hear why the Soft Grid conference is the perfect place to bring together these two very different disciplines, and why the Soft Grid matters to everyone.

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