The Soft Grid 2012

New hardware is essential for massive infrastructural shifts that underpin systems such as the smart grid, but software (in this case intelligent analytics) is always the differentiator to enable value and growth.

Hardware vendors, software vendors and utilities themselves are rapidly moving beyond the notion that their sole business is to distribute electric power efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively to consumers. The trend that will shape the market in 2012 and beyond lies in analyzing the massive amount of data that is being collected about distribution and consumption, and taking progressive action on that data.

Just as intelligent analytics has helped evolve industries, and associated products and services, from IT to healthcare to air travel to social media and online commerce, the same will hold true for the electric power industry, as data is becoming the currency for market transformation.

The Soft Grid will focus on this evolution, provide answers about the market that has grown out of this transformation, and give you strategies to take back to succeed in the changing setting.

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