Solar Summit 2014 | April 14 – 16, 2014 | Phoenix, AZ

Day 1 : April 15

  1. 8:00am 8:45am

    Breakfast and Check-In
  2. 8:45am 9:00am

  3. 9:00am 9:30am

    GTM Research: Global Solar Market Trends

    Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, GTM Research

  4. 9:30am 10:15am

    Solar in the Mainstream

    Is solar mainstream yet? A few years ago, the answer would have been a clear "no." But as solar stays competitive in states with declining incentives, becomes more attractive to big investors, and gets taken seriously by utilities, it is arguably emerging as a mainstream technology. In this session, we'll talk with leading solar developers and utility experts about how solar stacks up in the generation mix -- and ask what could slow the industry's surge.

    Moderator: Stephen Lacey, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

    Tom Doyle, President and CEO, NRG Solar Diana Drysdale, President, PSEG Power Ventures Tanguy Serra, Chief Operating Officer, SolarCity Howard Wenger, President of Regions, SunPower

  5. 10:15am 10:45am

    Coffee Break
  6. 10:45am 11:45am

    Crowdsourced Market Insight: Solar's Biggest Questions

    What will happen to the market if the ITC expires? What technologies will dominate the market in 10 years? Will the "value of solar tariff" replace net metering? These are among the solar industry's biggest questions, and this session will offer attendees an opportunity to have their say. All attendees will vote on 10 of the industry's biggest questions, and our panel of experts will react and respond to the crowdsourced answers in this engaging, informative panel.
    Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, GTM Research

    Dan Berwick, Vice President of Business Development, Borrego Solar Systems Darren Van’t Hof, Director, Renewable Energy Investments, US Bank Minh Le, Director, Solar Energy Technologies Office U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Abe Yokell, Partner, RockPort Capital

  7. 11:45am 12:30pm

    Assessing the Impact of the U.S.-China Solar Trade Case

    Much has been said about the value and intentions of the latest U.S.-China solar trade case, but few have asked the more important questions: What is likely to happen? When will it happen? And how will it impact the market? This panel will provide a detailed, unbiased review of the case. Speakers will discuss the process and timeline of the current case, the potential for negotiated solutions, and the likely impact on market dynamics, module prices and the industry as a whole.
    Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, GTM Research

    David Christy, Senior Counsel, Perkins Coie John Gurley, Partner, Arent Fox LLP Shyam Mehta, Lead Upstream Solar Analyst, GTM Research

  8. 12:30pm 1:45pm

    • track 1
      Modules: Fostering Differentiation Amidst Commoditization
    • track 2
      Inverters and the Balance of Systems: The Next Wave of Innovation

      Opening Remarks: Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase Energy
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  9. 1:45pm 2:15pm

    • track 1
      GTM Research: The Module Market Landscape

      Shyam Mehta, Lead Upstream Solar Analyst, GTM Research

    • track 2
      GTM Research: Lowering PV System Costs

      MJ Shiao, Director, Solar Research, GTM Research

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  12. 3:45pm 4:15pm

    • track 1
      Coffee Break
    • track 2
      Coffee Break
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    Networking Reception

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