Greentech Media's most recent event, PV Annual 2008, built upon the success of our Solar Market Outlook event series, providing attendees with accurate, comprehensive, actionable data and analysis from the industry's leading market research team. PV Annual continued this tradition, yet added important new distinctions:

  • A focus exclusively on photovoltaics, drawing on a research conducted in the past year by the Prometheus Institute and Greentech Media
  • End-to-End market data, from polysilicon supply to capital equipment, cells and modules, concentrating PV and thin film technologies, PV economics and ASPs, policy and finance.
  • The PV Supplier Showcase, in which a select group of PV technology developers and manufacturers will present a quick profile of their company to a panel of industry experts, competing for best-in-show at this year's PV Annual.
  • A keynote address from Nolan Browne, Director of Business Development for Energy Sectors, Fraunhofer USA; Managing Director, MIT Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
  • A keynote address from Philip Giudice, Commissioner, Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources, a leading solar policy maker in New England

New data included:

  • Global Polysilicon Supply Forecasts
  • Global PV Cells and Modules Forecasts
  • Global CPV Economic Analysis and Forecast
  • Updated Solar Policy and Demand Analysis
  • Updated Thin Film Solar Forecasts

This event continued our tradition of bringing together key decision-makers in the entire solar supply chain to hear from top analysts about the future of this complex, volatile, and exciting market.

Data presented included:

  • Global PV module demand, through end of year 2007
  • Solar equipment ASPs
  • Silicon supply issues
  • Polysilicon capacity growth forecasts
  • Silicon pricing
  • Concentrating PV technologies and economics
  • PV production economics
  • Thin film solar market outlook
  • Wall Street data, and its view on the solar market
  • Important regional differences in the PV market
  • PV world market forecast

Underpinning this seminar is the data compiled by the Prometheus Institute, widely considered to be the most accurate and up-to-date in the world. Seminar leader Travis Bradford, president of the Prometheus Institute and author of Solar Revolution, is well known as the industry's most respected analyst. The market research reports co-produced by the Prometheus Institute and Greentech Media covered in this seminar included:

Other market research by Greentech Media referenced in the seminar included:

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