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GridWise Global Forum 2011 | November 8 – 10, 2011 |

Event Press

  • Greentech Media — “Does Smart Grid Need Madison Avenue?”
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    If you walked in late on the final morning of the Gridwise Global Forum conference, you may have been confused. Instead of a panel about communications standards or Volt/var control, there...

  • Greentech Media — “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Regulation?”
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    Although utilities took a beating during the afternoon of day two of the Gridwise Global Forum (especially as to the question of who will be the losers in the new energy economy), it was...

  • Greentech Media — “Vermont Electric Cooperative: Pleasing People During Outages”
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    When David Hallquist joined the Vermont Electric Cooperative in 2000, he went around asking line crews during outages how long it would take for power to be restored. Whether it was three...

  • Public Works — “IBM Accelerates Smart Grid Adoption; Helps Utilities Modernize Communications Networks”
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