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It's the ultimate good news/bad news story. Homes, retail outlets, office buildings and other structures consume 51 percent of the total energy in the U.S., or approximately twice as much as cars. Worse, half of the power is lost through inefficiency and waste.

Experts, though, say that technologies and services for curbing power consumption are cheaper and easier to implement than solar, wind or biofuels. New policies will further spur the market: Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Chu and PG&E CEO Pete Darbee all have plans to boost demand for energy and water efficient buildings.

Greentech Media and SRI International are pleased to invite you to a one-day symposium on the companies and people shaping this market. Sessions will include opinions from architects and builders, debates between policy makers and investors, and presentations from rapidly growing startups. The presentations will be on building materials, lights, control systems and modular construction. By 2020, homes in California will have to be built to a net zero energy standard - you need to get in on the ground floor.

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