Greentech Media and Groom Energy have partnered to create a critical new symposium series, Enterprise Carbon Accounting. Building on the success of Groom Energy's previous seminar held in Boston February 25 this year, this event will answer the major questions facing large corporations and institutions today around carbon accounting, including:

  • Will my organization face Greenhouse Gas (GHG) regulation? Will cap-and-trade legislation pass this year?
  • Will large firms like Walmart influence emerging standards for scope 3 and product-level carbon accounting?
  • How should my organization manage pressure from stakeholders and emerging green rating systems?
  • Should carbon accounting be tied into financial accounting?
  • What lessons can we learn from the early leaders in this space?
  • What tools and technologies are available for corporations that want to operate effective carbon management programs?

This event brings together top-level speakers from major corporations and policy organizations to share their experiences with enterprise carbon accounting and the ongoing development of greenhouse gas regulation. The inaugural event drew representatives from major corporations and the accounting, legal, software, venture capital, risk management, and utility industries. As is typical with Greentech Media events, Enterprise Carbon Accounting will offer attendees much more than vendor-driven marketing or simplistic high-level perspectives, providing them with actionable market insights, data, and education on topics critical to their business success.

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