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How This Cleantech Investment Firm Is Tackling the Next Wave

Rob Day: February 26, 2013, 7:10 PM

Just stepped out of a great RFK Compass event, where I took the opportunity to deliver some of my current message to the limited partner community in person. And it occurred to me that, while I've put bits and pieces of the thesis into past columns here on this site, I've never really explained how we at Black Coral Capital are ourselves tackling the next great cleantech investment opportunity -- and you might want to know whether we practice what I preach. I've been reticent to turn out a column that's a blatant self-advertisement, but if you'll forgive me this once, I'll lay out what we're aiming to do and then you can all judge our performance over time... 

As background, we...

The Cleantech Investing Summit I Would Like to See

Rob Day: February 8, 2013, 4:53 PM

Stopped by the Cleantech Investor Summit out in Palm Springs this week -- meant to stay through for the entire event, but Nemo forced me to scurry back to Boston on an earlier flight.

Ira and his team always do a terrific job of running that event, it's always a good networking opportunity and they get big names to come speak. And Tesla test drives, of course.

But it seemed to me like yet another missed opportunity. With so many cleantech investors and their ecosystem partners under one roof, it would have been great to see more exploration of the emerging "next wave" of cleantech investing strategies. Instead, most of what was presented was what I call "old Cleantech VC":...