GTM Research is pleased to unveil our latest research report, The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Profiles and Rankings.

This report represents the culmination of a GTM Research effort to profile the leading players in the emerging smart grid market. This work was originally compiled solely for internal research purposes. Later, it was decided that a more finished “vendor bible” might be of use to the industry at large, and so efforts were made to polish the work for wider distribution.

In this 282-page report, we profile more than 150 vendors, providing key data and insights on the leading vendors and firms shaping the future of smart grid deployments around the globe.

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Along with profiles and analyst comments, in this report GTM Research also provides two separate Top 10 lists, The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid and The Top Ten Vendors to Watch List. Further, this report presents an updated version of our now well-known End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Taxonomy for 2012, redesigned to include elements of the 'softgrid' space, such as network management, cloud-based solutions and enterprise-wide analytics. In this report we also provide a brief state-of-the-market update, discussing recent trends such as increased M&A activity (including unprecedented market appetite for software solutions), as well as detailing which vendors we view as “Big Fish” based on both market caps and current market positioning. Our Networked Grid 150 report also announces the best companies in the various submarkets of smart grid, including: smart meters, grid networking, distribution automation, software (across all applications), meter data management, consumer engagement technologies (such as home area networks and web portals), and smart utility enterprise systems.

The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid

The following list represents our Top Ten list across all of the submarkets of smart grid. While there were close to 25 companies that were in consideration for inclusion on this list, and while the process of whittling down the candidates was by no means easy, the finalists all share a number of key qualities, including: best-of-industry technologies; utility-scale contracts with the largest (and in many cases, the most technologically savvy) utility-actors on the global stage; influence that extends beyond their particular domain expertise; excellent brand recognition and astute product marketing; integrated solutions that maximize utility investment; and, lastly, but of upmost import, an understanding of the changing needs of utilities and the ability to anticipate and address these needs -- not just in 2012, but also in 2015, 2020 and beyond -- with a product-solution mix that supports this large-scale transition. 

FIGURE: The Networked Grid Top 10 Vendors

We at GTM Research are continually being asked, “Who is the smart grid all-star team?" The companies on the following pages represent our answer to that question. 

To purchase The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Report and Rankings today, click here.  Please note: to ensure GTM provides a way to get a useful reference report such as this to a broader audience, we have priced this report substantially lower than our normal rates.

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